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White Blonde




Custom Order


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Beautiful blond girl of seven years old,
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Additional Features



Blushing Cheeks

Missing Teeth


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Custom Orders

We are happy to make your child's dream come true with a custom order!

You can email the designer directly giving your specifications for the doll. The chart above is a guide however, please feel free to describe any specific features you might require.

If the doll is for a birthday gift please enquire early and allow at least 4 weeks to create to ensure the doll reaches you in time. Due to the work that goes into these fine dolls and other possible orders, this is strongly suggested.

Simply include all of the features you require in an email to the designer who will get to work as soon as it is received.

As it is a custom order, payment will need to be received at the point of order. 

For enquires email;

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Make me a mini me!

Order Form

Thanks for submitting!

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"I love my Daisy Kids Designer Doll, she looks just like me! I love putting her curly hair up in a bun with her pink hair bobble. I take her everywhere with me especially when I go to gymnastics. My friends say they wished they had a Daisy Kids Designer Doll of their own!"



Blonde Baby Boy
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