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Methods: In this cross-over clinical trial study, 60 patients with epilepsy with idiopathic generalized tonic-clonic seizures alone (EGTCS) and under valproic acid treatment received either melatonin or placebo with a washout period of 2 weeks intermittently. Outcome variables included a reduction in the severity and frequency of epilepsy besides improvement in electroencephalogram (EEG) abnormalities and sleep quality.

Sleepin' Alone

''A'' is for Alone: always let the baby sleep alone, never in a bed with another person where the baby could be smothered. ''B'' is for on the baby's back: an infant should be placed on his or her back, not on his or her side or stomach. ''C'' is for Crib: always put your child to sleep in a crib with only a firm mattress and tight-fitting sheet.

Women and girls travelling alone and those accompanied only by their children felt particularly under threat in transit areas and camps in Hungary, Croatia and Greece, where they were forced to sleep alongside hundreds of refugee men. In some instances women left the designated areas to sleep in the open on the beach because they felt safer there.

"If this humanitarian crisis was unfolding anywhere else in the world we would expect immediate practical steps to be taken to protect groups most at risk of abuse, such as women travelling alone and female-headed families. At a minimum, this would include setting up single sex, well-lit toilet facilities and separate safe sleeping areas. These women and their children have fled some of the world's most dangerous areas and it is shameful that they are still at risk on European soil," said Tirana Hassan.

A dozen of the women interviewed said that they had been touched, stroked or leered at in European transit camps. One 22-year-old Iraqi woman told Amnesty International that when she was in Germany a uniformed security guard offered to give her some clothes in exchange for "spending time alone" with him.

Smugglers target women who are travelling alone knowing they are more vulnerable. When they lacked the financial resources to pay for their journey smugglers would often try to coerce them into having sex.

All of the women told Amnesty International that they were constantly scared during the journey across Europe. Women travelling alone were not only targeted by smugglers but felt physically threatened when forced to sleep in facilities with hundreds of single men. Several women also reported being beaten or verbally abused by security officers in Greece, Hungary and Slovenia.

DEIR AL-ZOR PROVINCE, Syria (Reuters) - Hareth Najem fled Islamic State's last enclave in eastern Syria wounded and alone. The Iraqi orphan's family had died two years earlier in air strikes across the border in al-Qaim region.

Time estimation after wake-up from sleep has in earlier studies been shown to correlate with relative amount of slow-wave sleep. The aim of this study was to investigate if this effect could be found with subjects sleeping until spontaneous wake-up. Twenty-six women who slept alone at home, equipped with an actigraph and a questionnaire, participated in the study. The result showed that there was a positive correlation between time in bed, which was assumed to reflect relative amount of slow-wave sleep, and subjective time in relation to objective time. However, there also was a positive correlation between predicted wake-up time before going to sleep and subjective time in relation to objective time. This suggest that the former correlation might have been a result of pure intellectual guesses. Further studies, using more participants or different research designs, are needed to investigate or reject this eventual relationship.

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