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Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter 1.0: How to Fix Your Laptop Battery in Minutes

after that success, [matt] had a choice: open up the laptop and get the chip replaced, or try to proceed as unencumbered as possible. the latter seemed like the best option, and [matt] began a bold venture into hacking into the thinkpads firmware, hoping he could keep the original code in place. the most technical part of the project was in rewriting the bootloader, and [matt] was completely stumped when one day, he found out the chip was on its way . he had to figure out how to turn the laptop on, when most of his project was under binary lock and key. he had to find a way to get power to the chip, and come up with a new bootloader to replace the old. it was a challenge, but one hes more than satisfied with the end result. after receiving the chip, [matt] was able to flash a new binary image of the bootloader, and the laptop rebooted into the new code.

Smart Battery EEPROM Resetter 1.0l


smart battery also hides bad cells, and tells you all info about cells condition. so, you know what is doing and why. but there is not really many ways to use it without taking it apart. but since there is no good reason to take apart battery, you can just replace whole battery, and keep whole thing.

when i open battery and remove cells, you cant do this with charger. and i just make work around for these in program. there are few basic commands. 1) all information on cells. if all cells are good, command will give you all information about battery, including number of cycles. but if cells are damaged, it will not work. 2) amount of amperage. it is same as current. it also work with apps that monitor and display current. 3) reset program. it will reset settings and parameters. this command will reset current, capacity, capacity percentage, health, time remaining, time left, temperature of batteries and other parameters to default. when you open up the battery, you will get error message. but if you close battery without reboot, you can use it to reset 4) add number of cycles. thats it, you can replace whole set of cells, and turn on your battery. but you have to know how much you going to put in it, and if you put in the wrong cell, you will have problems.


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