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  • Big Bad: And a non-spoiler example, since even in storylines where she first shows up as a friend offering an opportunity, such as in Makoto's storyline, Anesthesia's "offer" is heavily loaded with creepy undertones, and whichever girl the player is playing as is heavily creeped out by it. In Reiko's storyline, Anesthesia's first introduced as the bitch who brainwashed Reiko's sister. Also, as we learn in her own storyline, her "big plan" is to perfect Lady X as a weapon and radically alter the balance of global military power, but not as a "merchant of death" - it's not about the money, it's about a desire to fill this world with fear and suffering.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Considering she's a face, even though she makes no real attempt to hide her bitchiness.

  • Deal with the Devil: In most storylines other than hers, Anesthesia offers the girl in question an opportunity to become even stronger. They all refuse for different reasons; Makoto wants to get stronger through training and perseverance, Aisha finds Anesthesia creepy and wonders what her deal is, etc.

  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Anesthesia seems to have trouble comprehending that humans are capable of experiencing emotions other than the "jealousy, hatred, and humiliation" that she cites in her storyline's intro sequence. For example, when Reiko and Dixie act in a friendly manner after their match despite being huge rivals, Anesthesia's reaction is to wonder if they're going to hug, and then claim she's going to be sick. She has a similar "going to be sick" reaction when Aigle and Makoto act in a friendly manner despite being huge rivals. This also ends up derailing her plan if the player is playing a face storyline; typically Anesthesia brainwashes someone, but that someone is then snapped out of it by the power of friendship.

  • Hoist Hero over Head: A somewhat funny aversion. Her creation, Lady X, can lift the roses over her head with one arm. The problem is Anesthesia herself isn't exempt from this. She also isn't exactly a "heroine".

  • Hospital Hottie: She's beautiful woman who wears a nurse's outfit.

  • Light Is Not Good: The game designates her as a "face," but she's transparently evil from the get go.

  • Mad Doctor: She likes to experiment on other women.

  • Naughty Nurse Outfit: Her nurse outfit has a Navel-Deep Neckline.

  • Navel-Deep Neckline: Her nurse's outfit has a plunging neckline that ends just above her crotch.

  • Psycho Lesbian: She has some really blatant subtext for most of the cast, and a remark she makes about "Miss Walsh" (Candy Cane) has Miss Spencer rather understandably worried for her student's continued state of virtue.

  • Sexy Stewardess: Her superstar gimmick.

  • Token Evil Teammate: Anesthesia is the primary villain of the franchise. And this is the face version of the character.

  • Underboobs: In her superstar outfit.

  • Wham Line: Minor example in Reiko's storyline when Reiko expresses a desire to make her mother "up there" proud of her: "UP...there? Hm? She could be DOWN there for all you know. Right next to your sister." It's sort of true; it turns out Lady X, the final boss, is a cyborg made from Reiko's mother's DNA.

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