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!NEW! Download Game Medal Of Honor Allied Assaultl

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Download Game Medal Of Honor Allied Assaultl

Download File:

Hello everyone,i am a chinese guy,medal of honor:ailled is the most classic fps game in my heart,but with the modern point of view,its fall short of graphics quality. but about one year ago,I stumbled upon this game can support resolution is eight times more than the original i have come up with a cool idea to retexture this game.

With many days work,i have finish it half,quite a lot textures from current games,such as medal of honor:airborne,call of duty:WAW,or call of duty 2,even some textures from my my daily work.(i am a Landscape architect

A big, big, big warning to all: If you buy this game, the first thing, the absolute first thing you need to do before playing multiplayer is download the game's patch. For some reason the game ships with no in-game browser for finding and joining multiplayer games. Instead the game relies on Gamespy. So every time you want to play a game online or switch to a new game, you had to exit Medal of Honor, load Gamespy, find the game and then restart Medal of Honor through Gamespy. I can't, because of limits to the amount of vulgarity allowed on GameFabrique, say how very annoying this was.

MoHAA received two expansions, both introducing new single-player campaigns, multiplayer maps and game modes, weapons, characters, and various fixes or gameplay additions. the first expansion, Spearhead (MoHAA:SH), was developed by TKO Software, Inc. and released on November 12, 2002. The story of Spearhead follows Sgt. Jack Barnes (voiced by Gary Oldman), a paratrooper with the US Army's 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. The campaign takes place in Normandy, Belgium and Berlin, as well as introducing two new allied factions; the British Army and the Soviet Red Army.

Mohaa Medal Of Honor Allied Assault is presented by EA Games. It is a shooting game in which you will enjoy action at every moment of play. This is a third installment of Medal Of Honor series and it was released on January 22, 2002. You can also download medal of honor 2010 from our site.

Now Powell decided that he will fight alone against the enemies. So now there is very interesting battle between player and enemy. In this battle player will face many different type of enemies and challenges. Player can use latest weapon system which will help the player to kill the enemies easily. Player will also use the computerized map. We have already uploaded medal of honor airborne and medal of honor warfighter latest games from this series.

As mentioned in our review this morning, it's now possible to download a two-map multiplayer demo of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Breakthrough, weighing in at 204MB. All the usual suspects have the file, including FilePlanet, 3D Gamers and BYGames (direct link). For full details on Breakthrough's multiplayer options - and a detailed rundown of the single player game too - check out today's review.

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