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  • "Charlotte"


    Charlotte is a beautiful addition to the Daisy Kids collection. She has red hair and pale blue eyes. She is wearing a gorgeous party dress printed with a cute dauschund patten and a tartan trim. The outfit comes complete with a stylish pair of matching boots. 


    Any child will have hours of fun with this adorable handmade ragdoll. Ideal as a birthday gift, or Christmas gift.

    You can be assured of the best quality and attention to detail with this doll. The creation time takes many hours to the finished product. The individual characteristics of this doll, make it a really special toy, gift or present for a special little child.


    Size: 23 inches 
    Eyes: Blue 
    Hair: Strawberry Blonde


    Suitable for ages 4 years and over.


    Meets CE Standards


    Wipe clean

    Do not machine wash

    Handmade in the UK

    "Daisy Kids designer Doll girls birthday gift redhead doll "Charlotte"

    SKU: 00002
    Color: mint
    • So many dolls are mass produced clones of each other. As I already make original artwork, I wanted to make original dolls that stand out on their own.

      "Daisy Kids" is an exciting new range of handmade original rag dolls. Established in 2018 the range is a collection of dolls with expressive features, and each doll has their own.This is what makes the "Daisy Kids" as unique as real children. Each doll has a hand painted face capturing different expressions and emotions. They are also a diverse range of dolls, with a full range of hair colours and textures and skin colours. It is a range that reflects the diversity and beauty of all children.

      How many dolls have you seen with red hair!

      ​As you look through the range, you will also see that there are some boys dolls available, suitable for both boys and girls to play with and develop their imaginative play.

      Your child truly have their own unique doll.



      Wipe clean

      Do not machine wash

      Handmade in the UK

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