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Beautiful blond girl of seven years old,

About our Dolls

Daisy Kids Designer Dolls are an exciting outlet for parents looking for dolls that reflect their children where there has been a huge gap for many years. Many shelves are stocked full of identical, mainly white, blonde dolls that do nothing to cater to the diversity we see today. 

With this in mind, Daisy Kids Designer Dolls were created for this purpose. The dolls

are inclusive of all representations, however, the dolls have been designed, and have made to order features to enable parents to select colourings and features nearest to their own child. 

Daisy Kids Designer Dolls were Established in November 2018, offering a range of readymade dolls and now custom made dolls can be ordered to more closely match your child's colouring. What could be more beneficial for a child than looking at a doll and seeing themselves looking back at them? This fosters self-esteem for the child and in turn the confidence of knowing they are represented in this world. Whilst playing with any doll has many developmental benefits, the difference is there is a choice to buy a doll that resembles your child, whatever their background and heritage.

Colorful sewing threads on peach backgro

Embracing Diversity


Daisy Kids Designer Dolls understand diversity and cater for children from all backgrounds and dual heritage!

What is different about Daisy Kids Dolls?


Each doll has it's own original features, just like you and me!


The doll's outfit has been designed by the doll maker


Lovingly handmade by the designer, these dolls are not mass produced.


The doll is CE tested so you can be assured of its safety


You can find a hair texture and colour just like yours!


Flame retardant hair


Additional accessories such as coats, bags, and wellington boots are available.

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Just like me!

Cute little African Asian girl sitting o

and me!

Portrait of an adorable preschool age gi

Does your child have an activity they love?

Well, your doll can be designed completely with a ballet costume or gymnastics leotard.

Whatever their timetable, the "Daisy Kids Designer Doll" is sure to be part of it!


Dolls are some of the oldest toys that children have ever played with. Their earliest use was documented in Greece around 100 AD. There’s a good reason for these toys to be so long-lasting through human history. They are a representation of the child themselves and allow for a child to gain a greater understanding of themselves as well as those around them.

While traditional gender roles dictate that dolls are a toy mainly for girls, playing with dolls can provide important growth for children, regardless of gender. Here’s how playing with dolls can help your child’s development:

Social Skills

Playing with dolls solidifies social skills that are gained in a child’s early developmental years. When children playhouse, they learn to communicate with one another kindly and cooperate. By taking care of a doll, they learn how to take care of one another.


By learning important social skills at an early age, children are learning responsibility as well. They learn how to take care of a doll by playing with it. Learning this skill can help children learn to care for their pets, or older siblings more readily understand how to care of their younger siblings.

Empathy & Compassion

Another important social skill that children learn when playing with dolls is how to process emotions such as empathy and compassion. Just like caring for their doll teaches responsibility, it teaches them to empathize with those around them and allows them to grow up into caring people.



Dramatic play, the kind of play that happens when children play with dolls, helps develop a child’s imagination as they encounter creative, imagined scenarios with their dolls and other children.




Playing with dolls as well as their friends, children run into new and unique situations for their games. Communicating between one another can strengthen their vocabulary by filling it with practical language. By communicating in this way with their friends, children gain insight into home routines that may be different from their own. In this way, they discover the world around them.

The importance of playing with dolls

Fit for a little princess!


Imaginative play

mini me


Doll specifications

High loft fiber filling

Height: 23 inches

Hand-painted features with colour fast non-toxic paint

Designed outfit 

CE Tested

Original doll


Designed shoes

purple cotton.jpeg

Machine stitched

Synthetic flame-resistant hair fiber

As safety is of utmost concern, the hair used on these dolls are flame retardent and of the best quality synthetic fiber. They closely resemble hair texture.

The doll is produced with a mixture of sound machine stitching and well as more intricate hand stitching. The two come together to produce a high-quality product which is evident.

Each doll has it's own unique beautiful features. You will not find clones in this collection. The paints used are non-toxic and you can be sure the face will not fade with the colourfast technique used in the process.

The filling is a high loft and more recently eco filling. Both of which have been selected for their conformity to British Toy Standards.

CE testing has been carried out, including a flame test which measures the spread of flames to ensure a safe product. The doll is not suitable for 0-3 due to hair fiber strands. 


Quality of Product

Hand stitched


Budding Stars Gallery

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sweet girl young princess in white with

Playing with dolls or playing the piano?


Each has a role in the development of a child. The fine motor skills and the confidence acquired by playing with dolls helps the child tackle other things confidently, whatever they may choose.  

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Young Girl Wearing Kimono

Budding Genius Gallery

Young Asian girl smile and Play the acou
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Little Princess Gallery

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